Random Ramblings XIII: *Not The Actual Events

Hey guys, it's been a while- how are you?

Allow me to invite you to see my new film called *Not The Actual Events.

I like it a lot, I think some of you will too!

We shot it a few months back with a good friend of mine over two shooting sessions with a vague idea and few storyboards
My main inspiration came from NIN's song "Dear World" and this anxiety of mine I tend to feel in cities, corridors and world of screens. Something just doesn't feel quite right about all that, I can't really pinpoint what it is, it's just this notion I sometimes tend to have.

First chapter takes place in these empty subway halls, which was quite fun and challenging thing to shoot as you can imagine, we were there close to midnight during work day, but even than we always had only like 15-20 seconds of random emptiness every few minutes, obviously without permit or anything, just the two of us running around (barefoot:)
So that was fun.

There are quite a few shots, scenes and cuts that I'm really proud of, the match cut between corridor and dream forest being one of them.

I shot it it while back, and since I knew even less that I do now, I didn't have a steadicam and was basically ignoring any sound design so I would done quite a few things very differently now, but that's simply part of a beautiful learning process, right? You live and you learn. Finish one film and move on to next project, hopefully slightly better than the last one.

I filmed it on my trusty panny lumix GH3 with Carl Zeiss flektogon 20/2.8 and Fujinon 50/1.4 and again, I really can't say enough good things about vintage lenses, there are just so beautiful and addictive. Just the quality and feel of the glass. If you haven't already you should really try them, they are just filmic to my eyes. I'm also looking forward to (one day hopefully) getting my hands on one of these anamorphic adapters. Anamorphic is such a sweet look, I can imagine it being a good match with how I see and shoot things. Beside, some of my most favourite movies were shot with anamorphic so..yeah, someday :)

Editing was a still is a bit of a good challenge for me, coming from still photography world where I was more focused on aesthetic of individual frames rather than story and rhythm of editing. So all this is still quite new to me and I'm still discovering what my rhythm is and what gets me excited. So I took almost a month to edit this whole thing together and learned a plenty along the way, obviously.
Again, as before I did all the editing and coloring on my ipad mini with the Luma Fusion app, which is an absolute bomb and there's just something about putting things together with your hands and finger tips, it just feels more "in touch" than mouse or touchpad. Really can't recommend it enough. And the fact that you can do it basically on your phone, the affordability of tools, there's something about it that, as for someone coming from quite a humble background is exciting to me.

Another thing that interests me is the short film structure, where you think about it (probably) the same way you would think about writing a song or a poem, where you take one or few ideas and explore them for a few minutes and then move on to another one and hopefully, when put together they will fit next to each other and maybe create some sort of bigger narrative, like a fragments of a same world, connected by you and your vision.

I'm starting to see what it could be.

Ok, I think that's all for now

Thanks for stopping by.

See you at a next premiere! :)



Random Rambings XII: The Office

Hi guys, how are ya?

Pinning here new short I shot recently called "The office" :

It's about this guy's night commute to work and I think it's quite bizarre and depressive, exactly as I view this corporate office life, one of the biggest fear of mine actually, to end up in the machine.

I shot it pretty much the same way/under same circumstances and using the same tools as in previous The Room, so not really sure I have anything to add to that right now. Oh yes, first time I used/tried to mix sounds here, it's not particularly good job, but "it's something", as they say.

But no, you can't tell, but I'm really excited and happy about this, I need to make a ton more work, but I'll get there. oh filmmaking, this will be a beautiful friendship.

Take care and don't let them get you!

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