Random ramblings VI: Planet Earth

I know I'm a little late to the party but my oh my. BBC's Planet Earth. What a treasure.

I mean I always knew it was there, right on the top of IMDB's best TV series but now, with release of a new Planet Earth II I finally watched it. And apart from absolutely incredible cinematography experience (no seriously, both I and II are ..wow. just wow) it gave me something else I needed. Knowing it may sound a little cheesy, it gave me another piece of this life puzzle that I'm trying to somehow put together. the puzzle being "life (or existence) on this planet is hard and you have to fight for it every day. And that's perfectly normal and it goes to all of us. Humans, animals, plants and everything in between." And this is probably obvious to all of you because you're awesome and smarter than me, but I kinda..yeah, seeing some african bird flying 120 kilometers everyday for water (where there's someone waiting to kill him) so it can feed it's chicks is..yeah, life was designed not to be easy. and that's okay...That's okay.

Great piece of art. Can't recommend it enough. I think a prefer the old one a little bit more, I mean the gimbal 4K RED goodness of the second series is pretty incredible, sure. But when it comes to overall feeling I prefer the much subtle, little more educational and less dramatic feel of the old first one. I know that we're living in a day and age where everything needs to be epic, cinematic and needs to squeeze every little drop of emotion out of you but..yeah, I still prefer subtle and boring I guess. Don't need nature documentary with epic Hans Zimmer soundtrack (god I don't like his work) that's trying to feel like another Fast and Furious movie. Umm, but yeah, as I said, If you're slow like me and haven't seen it, I can't recommend it enough. If I would ever have a kid, I couldn't wait to watch this with him.

Also, Chris Cornell died. He killed himself probably as (not only) a secondary effect of Ativan, some medication he was using to calm his anxiety. It did touched me as I a) love Audioslave ( in fact, listening to them right now) b) have a family history with depression and these kinds of pills (lorazepam, diazepam..all the same poison to me) so..yeah, I can now put Audioslave alongside Beastie Boys and Rush as a bands that I will probably never see live. Damn. Rest in Peace Mr. Cornell. and Thanks for all that great music.

Oh, I'm shooting some kind of footage and stills everyday. Learning new things everytime, it's not as fast as I would hope it to be, but yeah, working everyday and learning the language of cinematography. Right now I'm in the stage when I really found out that without fluid head and steadicam I'm missing a lot. The movement of the shot can have such a power to it. Need to sell some more stock footage to pay for it though :) (but things are slowly picking up for me which is great actually)

Also, I saw Annie Hall and Magnolia. Both incredible movies and I'm glad I waited with them for so long. (although I have some weird child memory where I'm watching Magnolia when I was like 10 or so? Why the hell would I watch such a movie as a kid? Well, because it's brilliant and I love that some images from the movie were baked back on my brain for all those years)

So overall..yeah, being outside everyday is just such a privilege and such a magic. Life's tough and hard at times and beautiful and that's how it suppose to be I guess.

I hope you're well, I really do.


Random Ramblings V: Flower Power

Hey guys, me again.

just wanted to pin here my new film. It's more of a simple exercise in cinematography but I kinda like it.

The motivation was that I wanted to overcome that voice inside telling me that "if you make living in photography you don't shoot flowers-that's for amateurs) so I shot some images of spring greenery and enjoyed the hell out of it.

I edited and graded it using the Luma Fushion app on my phone. on my goddamn phone. technology has come a long way in last couple years.

Okay, thanks for watching or whatever.

take care


Random ramblings IV: Creating stuff

I like witnessing people creating stuff.

I think that when creating stuff, it's like, in that moment, we are the best possible version of ourselves. the purest and the most beautiful. I think nature does that too, bringing out the best from us. and dogs. and kids. With those four things I think I was finally able to realise and articulate where I want to direct my creativity to. What I want to create images of.

Maybe it sounds stupid, but you know..I kinda was a "photographer" before I was actually a "person" (not that I'm really any of those things now) so I would say I'm still searching. Funny how when I tried to shoot pictures of pretty girls (aside from Carol, obviously) it was always a total disaster as I have all kinds of issues with broads (but I tried because that's what you do as a photographer, right?) At one moment, I thought that since I'm kinda outdoorsy I should maybe try to work with those rad athletes like skiers or climbers or whatever, but..yeah, no. I like to be outdoors to just be. No need to push it further, really. (quite the opposite actually, I think this year will be the year when I finally dive into meditation)

So I like to shoot pictures of Carol, kinda document what she (we) do. Maybe it doesn't sound like a lot and I will not go into history books as a great photographer, but heck, I'm a pasty bald redhead I honestly never thought that I would have a loving relationship with beautiful girl. (..or shoot photos that someone will want to buy)
She's been drawing and painting A LOT these past couple months. And world is slowly but surely starting to notice how good and hard working she is which brings me..umm, yeah, it's a great and precious thing to witness. Someone creating stuff. Here's her website, it's worth checking out.

I also shot two new films of Carol painting.

( I mean, I know they are not really a films, but I like to call them that. And I'm having fun doing all these obnoxious comments about "us, filmmakers" and "world of cinema"..but yeah, I'm totally in love with filmmaking craft. I even sold my first couple of stock footage clips, which was kinda milestone for me and made me happy for a few moments. Oh, and my film (:) Struggle already has over 200 views. Which I know is nothing, but it's around 200 more than I expected. So..maybe there's some hope after all. We'll see.

How are you? I hope you're all well and healthy. I really do.

take care


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