The great outdoors

I love being outside so much. I just re-discover it in 2015

I feel like it's where I really belong, like that at the end of the day as a human being I'm just an animal.

Animal who loves the air and the mountains and the other animals.

I love the fire inside and I love to move till the muscles burn

And I love it when it's cold and it's raining and the backpack is fucking heavy and it all sucks balls and I still don't miss the town, the fear of paying rent, the malls and those fuckin escalators everywhere (probably to kill the fighting spirit inside)

I like to feel small against nature, which is what are these photographs about

Everybody always told me to "be real" and "be yourself" but what if I'm just one fucking amazing animal with really cool toys.

Animal that belongs outside.

I haven't slept indoors in last couple months and I realize that it may sounds like a crazy person talk a little bit (don't give a shit about that btw) but I'm not going to sleep in concrete cube anytime soon.

It really is nice outside, especially now in summer.

Have a great one y'all and do yourself a solid and go spend at least one night outside your comfy bed and under the stars, you may be surprised what you find.

Oh and check my new website , it's even less.. anything than before (and it fits on single iphone screen which was my goal)

Down in it

Last year I shot a reportage from synchronised swimming event and put it on internet in my first blog post ever. it went viral all over the globe and got me big attention for couple days, which was something completely new for me.

Few weeks ago, american author Jynne Martin got published her book with my cover on it- wow,what a great honour (although I'm not really happy with the crop:) because Jynne is just amazing- not only she spent six weeks on Antarctica as an artist in residency but when we were dealing with payment she sent me some extra money beyond the price we agreed as apology for delay with words ".. I have so many artist friends in my life, including my brother, and I know what it is like for them all with trying to collect money and make a living.." and I was just like "wow, people really do this?" Jynne, if you're reading this, thank you again, huge congrats on "our" book and I really hope we'll meet each other one day :)

I was happy with this underwater success and wanted to create something more. Something moving. Something weird.


I was always a weirdo. Sometimes I'm proud on how weird I am. Sometimes I feel ashamed because of my weirdness. But it's there for sure.

This short video is my manifest to weirdness. and water. And creating. Visual snack. I had no idea what to do with footage I shot (with Gopro3 and Fuji XE2) and this cluelessness cornered me to just sink deep into creativity in postproduction. Well, "creativity in postproduction" in this case was just fiddling with turtles and rabbits in only editing software I legally own- iMovie. But heck, I've never done anything like this before and although the final product is sort of rough on the edges, I'm proud on it.

I'm proud on it because it's strange and it's not exactly "easy". Just like my all time favourite art project- rock band Nine Inch Nails with which I'm growing up from early years of my life. Inspiration is weird thing, rooted deep down. So I was not really surprised when I subconsciously created something visually reminding their first video "down in it" and I just stole the name for my first video . (-steal like an artist)

What's the moral here? Go create. Something new. Something yours. Something you have no idea how to do. I

It'll be good feeling, I promise.

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