It's not about the gear..again.

I haven't done a proper portrait session for awhile, since I've been so busy chasing other areas of life so shooting my lovely girlfriend (on her demand) was a nice change and heck, I think the portrait bug bit me again and I feel the itching.

I like to get darker, quieter and moody and I like to go for just one best image when shooting portraits it feels more "iconic" for me. Don't feel like putting a multiple pretty-much-same image from portrait session into your portfolio is a good idea imo.

Those who follow me know I'm not a big fan of spending money on shiny expensive gear. Light is light and it can be interesting no matter the source. In this case, source was a cheap (but great) Goal Zero LED striplight from right side as a main light and a Petzl headlamp on my head as a fill light. Capture on my trusty Fuji XT1 with 35mm lens.

It's not about a gear and buying a new expensive strobe light will not make you a better photographer, trust me- been there done that.

Oh, and if you like lightning diagrams, you may find interesting my award winning article on great site :)


Selfie sticks.

Sitting in front of a colosseum in Rome with my girl.

"hey sir, wanna selfie stick?"

"no thanks I'm fine."

" I really don't want, thanks"

"did you saw me refusing this guy standing next to you and offered me the same thing anyway?"

Now that's a hustle and I appreciate a good hustle when I see it.

I also love selfies. I love instagram. I love vsco. I love people shooting great images with iphones. I love the fact that everyone is a photographer. Heck, I think snapchat will play important role in visual storytelling.

I just feel that being on defence and bitching about this and that is plain dangerous attitude (not just for photographers) heading to inevitable loss.


So here's to the hustle. to adapting on different shit.

Here's to those annoying hustlers ruining sightseeing for everyone. (colosseum is a bullshit btw)

Here's one to being on offence and having fun with humanity.

And btw: did anyone in a history of human society actually bought a fucking selfie stick? 

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