Random Ramblings XI: The Room

hey guys, me again. how are you?

As usual, I wanted to pin here a new little short film I shot recently. It's called "The Room" and it's a collaboration with a long time pal of mine who is a much better and more experience filmmaker than I am (he had a movie in a actual real theatre- how cool is that?)

It's about this guy locked in a room. And maybe the room is a relationship and maybe we are the guy, who the heck knows. see for yourself: 

The process of creation was one of my favourites in a long time, we didn't really had a plan of that much of a vision: we spent the night before roaming the streets; talking. About life, films, relationships with women (kinda a hot topic right now) and anything/everything in between and then, in the morning we just decided: hey, let's shoot something. Let's not talk anymore about cameras and visions and let's actually create something during the afternoon.
Now, I've done quite a few photoshoots back in the day, but they never felt quite like directing people for film.
This was different, it was way more..umm, immersive, that's the word. Like a real story that you let unfold in front of you. Almost like a therapy in a sense (as we agreed with more people I've shot with since.

So maybe, I found a new thing with these little films, which I'm actually kinda excited about. And although this may sound stupid and pretentious, but I kinda feel the artist inside waking up. We'll see.

As for the technical side: I shot it with my GH3 using mostly carl zeiss flektogon 20/2.8 and Fuji 50 1.4 on a speedbooster, one yongnuo 300LED light and a headlamp. Editing and color grading was done on my ipad mini in the Luma Fusion app, which and I don't want to repeat myself is really amazing.

There are more pieces like this in a pipeline and I think they'll be quite good. Also weird a little bit.

And, If you feel like we should create something together, let's do it!

Okay, thanks for stopping by and watching my new piece.

Take care!


Random Ramblings X: flektogon fuckin' 20 / The Shelter

My excitement over old glass continues, heck, even grows as I got my first Carl Zeiss glass. One of the cooler lens: 

Flektogon 20mm/2.8

Damn, I've never been so excited about any glass before, I'm not exactly sure what's about it (beside great optical quality and very short focusing distance which I can see would make it a great portrait lens and the fact that for it's age it must have really been a pinnacle of optical engineering) but it has a certain mojo that's..yeah, it makes me feel something and it makes me want to go and shoot with it. Like an original fuji x100, that had it too.

Anywas, see for yourself, I shot this with it:

getting to know the feel of new/old lens and preparing myself for my upcoming bigger piece which would have some similar themes in it but I want to explore them (and myself) a little deeper. But I like this one too. It's a little better than the one I shot before, and that's the most important thing.

Okay, more to come.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're well


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