What’s in the bag: The Important Stuff

My plan was to write a blog post about "what's in the bag of aspiring digital nomad/photographer and why" but aside from the fact, that most of the things are pretty obvious and nobody is probably interested in my obsession with gaffer-taping things until they look like shit, I have today received a gift from great friend of mine, awesome all-around athlete and (alongside with his brother) my life mentor for past ten years with whom I got a chance to hangout before leaving to Dubai in next couple hours.

When we were saying goodbye to each other, he gave me this dice and told me "don't forget how to play the game"

I wasn't expecting it and it was one of the very powerful moments of my life.

Which lead me to sharing this. Something much more intimate and meaningful from my backpack: The good luck charms.

Bags can be different, gear can be different, assignments are different but these things are always with me,reminding me what's actually important even when everything else sucks and I'm busting my ass to live the dream.

Love note from my dear beloved girlfriend and a keychain with her name. Through the years, she is always with me and I still don't get why.

Wolf paw from my mom, to never forget I'm part of the pack. I have the best mom on the world. Period. Sorry.

One of the Japanese God of fortune from my sister-in-law. she's awesome and always cares about me so much.

Signed instaxes with yours truly and Mr. Heisler, Mr.Hobby, Mr.Mcnally, Mr.Arias and Mr.Peterson.

We (youngsters) are standing on the shoulders of masters and should never forget it. And try to give back.

Interesting: When something is like really important, I shoot it with Instax

My dog lady and my little brother-in-law, they teach my what matters the most in my life. Kindness.

Photography interwebz are full of "what's in the bag" sharing, some of them are super-interesting, some of them are.. well, bullshit.

I like the idea of sharing stuff that really matters.

What's in YOUR bag?

Jumping Drums, creative gap and a leaf shutter

Have you ever heard term creative gap?

As a neewbie photographer I'm falling into the gap way more than I would like to.

I originally planned to execute this picture of drummer band called Jumping Drums in a totally different way which wast involving a huge fire and a some orange filtered proglobe on the ground motivating the fire-ish light.

Unfortunately, the production wasn't planned well enough to execute "my" big fire on a remote location and when the drummers come to setup I (honestly panicked a little bit and) didn't pull off anything better than a up high 4ft octabox with a vivitar 285 flash filtered with a 1/4 CTO gel to better match the flash colour against fading sun .

Single old speedlite on 1/2 of power in a octabox to light a group of 3 big guys?

The leaf shutter and the ability to sync at 1/800sec with elinchrom skyports triggers is one of the many beauties of the X100.

And just today, Fujifilm announced the new 35mm teleconverter for the X100 which means I will probably never need any other camera.

But camera is just a tool anyway, shooting alot and closing the gap matters.

let's get them closed! :)

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