Random Ramblings IX: dead man's glass

As I mentioned in my previous post, I started to dabble with old lenses for my gh3

I went all the way and bought a (relatively) cheap pixco speedbooster which is, when I think about it, one of the coolest pieces of photography gear I've ever come across: it's an adapter to M42 lenses (I should've bought mft-canon eos as it's more versatile but I wasn't able to found one) that expands a field of view by 0,7 and adds one F-stop so instead of regular adapter which would gave me 70/2.8 from 35/2.8 lens it gaves me 50/2. How fucking cool is that? ( although, to play a never-happy-white- westerner: it stops on 1.4 so you don't get those mystical 0.xx appertures)

Ok, so I bought the adapter and good pal of mine, JP, was kind enough to lend me two lenses for (great) start: Fujinon 50/1.4 and Porst 35/2.8.

Long story short: I love it. This is another piece of the puzzle I was looking for. Glass with legacy. Older than me. Flawed and with character. Actually, the lenses I got are from the inheritance which means that the last owner died. And that's fascinating to me. He had them and he used them to capture and create around his own existence and vision and...then he died. And now I have them and do the same thing. And one day I will die, and.. yeah, you get the point.

I'm hooked. Seems that legacy glass will be the way to go for me. The progress in photography industry and all that is great (I guess, I haven't seen any new cameras for awhile as I don't really care) but it's.. too sharp. It feels sterile. 4k and all that, I don't know man, especially for filmmaking: where's the romance? Where's the art? Where are the flaws that shapes us, you know?

(And it's funny because I saw good friend using them few years ago, but I didn't get it back then. That's such a beautiful thing about artistic evolution, that it's..well, evolution.)

But you know me, I'm still looking for my place and my way. I don't thing these technologies and internet and robots..mmm, I'm cautious. Good servant, bad master.

Anyways, I'm learning, I took my new glass amongst people and friends who are having fun and are way more chilled and cool than I'll ever be.

We chanted and danced around bonfire. One of the cool expriences.

Say what you will about new gadgets, but technology would never even come close to the shared experience of sharing a body of energy around fire. Getting in touch woth those inner beasts that are still there. Wanting to roam and howl and explore. Yeah, that's something I can get behind as you probably know by now.

Fucking fire. And wide spaces. And gusting winds stinging in the face.

Don't let them get you.

Umm, ok. Yeah, other than that I'm doing my usual spiel and preparing couple projects in upcoming months and if I'll be able to make them as I see them in my head (which we know is rarely/ever the case) they could be pretty cool and I'll learn a ton. We'll see, we'll see.

I have few more things, but I'll save them for the next time.

Until then!

Take care, I hope you're all well. I do.


Random Ramblings VIII: new video (kinda)

Hey guys, it's me. 

I shot this one before the last one I was showing you so that's why they are kinda simmilar premise. Not that there's a lot of it.

I kinda like it, as a stepping stone to something better it's okay. Kinda like fever, point is just to sweat it out and move on to something better.

There's the scene in second Godfather where young Vito Corleone brings a pear as a treat for his wife. And the humility of that scene is one of my favourite cinematic moment I've seen so far. Would like to explore the idea of happinnes from small things more. 

Stanley Kubrick said "To make a film entirely by yourself, which initially I did, you may not have to know very much about anything else, but you must know about photography." And I happen to kinda enjoy photography so lot of my ideas for next projects are still more photography-centric which is okay I guess- You should follow your own spiel and all that, right? I havent't seen a 2001: Space Oddysey until very recently- omg was I blown away by it. And it helped me realise than it's not about wether you like it, get or having fun watching it- it's about the experience. Just like with my favourite nine inch nails. Photography itself (or mine at least) don't quite work like it I think, or not on a screen at home. In gallery, maybe. But film or music works everywhere, that's pretty cool.

Little bit of a techtalk: in photography I was very spartan when it came to gear- give me a whatever camera and get out of my way. Filmmaking doesn't seem to quite work like that. Buying a tripod and more importantly fluid head made a big difference for me. Introduced me in the world of camera movement and I must say I'm quite hooked. Fluid head- definitely worth it. Until now I was shooting on 14-140 lumix lens which is quite good I would say- in combination with gh3 camera it's maybe too sharp for my (developing) taste, but I found that that cheapest crappy variable fotga ND filter I'm using takes quite a lot of that sharpness away. Now I got myself m43-m42 speedboster (lens adapter that reduces crop factor by 0.7 and adds one stop of the light) and couple of legacy lenses and althought I haven't shot a lot with them yet I can already tell that that would be way to go for me (which isn't anyting new, I know) well see. And than there's the whole scary world of audio which I haven't jump into yet (I know i know- it's more important than images and all that).
one step at a time, you know?
Oh yeah, and I did my last two edits on ipad mini (3- which is the same hardware as two) in the LumaFushion app which oh man, is a gift from heaven, that app is a fuckin miracle- I can't recommend it enough. And the fact that ipad mini 2 (that you can get around 150-200$ is good enough to work with fullhd video is just..yeah, this is really the time that Coppola was talking about at the end of that documentary about making Apocalypse Now. Beautiful. Everybody gets a chance to create and express something.

I have few new ideas that I'm working on right now, I think each one will be a little better and little bigger than the one before. Which gaves me hope. And beside: busy figers- happy fingers, right?

Okay, enough rambling for now.

I hope you're all well.

Take care & stay wild.


Note to myself: this is cool light, will use something like this in future

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