Iphone 6 camera umm..review?

TLDR: the camera is good, scroll for a lot of images. 

Back in 2011 as I was dropping from school and entering into this "I will be making living as a pro photographer" madness I've bought used heavily beatup Canon 1DsMkII it was and still is great piece of equipment which for what I was doing back then (mostly big strobes portraiture/advertising work) served well for good two years until early 2013 when I bought the original Fuji X100 which was the camera that changed way I approached heck, not just photography, but life in general. It sets me in motion and I have to say, I pretty much haven't stop since. In 2014 I got myself great X-T1 and later X100T. But I've never had an iPhone until later last year (2014) when I bought used old 4S. You see, coming from this "traditional" photography background I was always told "yeah, yeah, you cannot print photos from iphone..and REAL photographers always prints!" so I kinda didn't take iPhone as a photographer's tool seriously.

Boy, was I wrong.

I found myself using my iPhone so much, that I upgraded from 4S to 6 (bought iPhone 6 with cracked screen for around 400$, put it in lifeproof case and have been very happy with it) and aside from the fact that it enables me to take my nomadic travel lifestyle to another level, I found myself taking photos and videos with it pretty exclusively and not really missing my "real" cameras anymore.

If we like it or not, when you look around, pretty much everyone stares into those fucking screens almost all the time. So to me, using the same device for creation and consumption seems like a quite logical step. I mean, I love me some nice strobe lit portrait shot on medium format camera, but when I see photos shot on mobile device they just feels more..relatable (is that even a word?) and real than those bokehilicious dslr shots.

Making it in photography is hard, you know, like, fucking hard. And if you have the balls to make it, and you want it bad enough, you'll make it shooting amazing photos with your iPhone.. I'm in this stage of life when I'm pissed off on all those fucking marketing people, trying to shove a new lens or camera or tripod or fucking phone to my ass every couple months.

I've became a photographer to see and capture the world and to at least try to create some legacy here, not to buy new fucking overpriced piece of gear every couple of months.

Umm, anyways, iPhone 6 camera review: I've spent last weeks exploring, wandering, tent dwelling, sailing and shooting photos and videos with my iPhone and yeah, the camera is good enough both for stills and videos for, I would say like 99% creators out there. The ability to shoot, process, share in one usb powered device is just sweet, no more fucking lightroom-cave all night runs. and no point bitching about lowv image quality, because everyone will see your photos on their phones anyway, so..yeah. as for the apps, I like vsco, I like enlight, I like filmicpro for shooting videos, I like hyperlapse for timelapse and handheld video and I like videograde for colouring videos and iMovie for editing. I also think that vertical video and timelapses are the new storytelling shit, especially on instagram. From time to time I'm missing the wider and longer lens, but I'll try to get in touch with people who are making moment lenses maybe they'll be up to making some deal together, I've read they make really good lenses and priced at 100$ a piece, I will maybe even buy them.

I don't know man, the more I travel and the more I live just with my backpack and girl, I'm like "okay, this really is an amazing planet and having this life is such a great opportunity" and "why the fuck are all these people in the malls buying all this shit?" and I know I'm kinda contradicting myself bitching against consumerism in something which originally should be review of an iPhone camera which should help other photographers and artist out there decided whether it's worth buying one.

I'm just trying to write something I would want to read and what I would find helpful back when I was starting in photography and actually read and cared about other people's opinions.

Ok, I'm not exactly sure I'm creating any value for anyone with these ramblings of a mad man so.. iPhone camera is good enough since iPhone 4s, be happy with what you have and don't fucking spent your hard earned money on shit someone told you need to be a better photographer-go see places ,get some new experiences,create something new and have fun instead. Oh, and don't listen to anyone.

Good luck and shoot me if questions.


Trail food

Food is pretty stupid thing to talk about.

But it's nescessary fuel and I remember not-long-ago struggling every time we did a grocery shopping for our adventures so this list might be little help for someone.

Food is fuel so calories/weight/deliciousness/price ratio is a key here. this is our cheapest version of food for two people for 9 days

Breakfast- oats/granola/cornmeal, dried fruits, sunflowerseeds (622kcal/100g), honey, dried milk & coffee-ish drink. Most important meal of the day. Add olive oil(922/100ml) if you feel need for extra calories

Lunch/snacks- tortillas/pita bread (super easy to pack and tastes pretty much the same even after week:), we like soups for lunch, nutella (522kcal/100g), salted peanuts (550), granola bars-whatever has at least 300cal/100g and makes you happy. Add olive oil if you feel the need for extra calories

Dinner- pasta/couscous/bulgur/instant potato mash, sausages, parmesan cheese (great flavour/calories/happiness ratio), tuna/sardines (cans are however pain in the ass), I'm sucker for pesto. Add olive oil because it's your best friend in the mountains :)

Repacking everything into ziplock bags saves a ton of space.

We're cooking on MSR Whisperlite stove, it's a legendary spartan stove that just works (I use it pretty much everyday for last year) and can burn almost any liquid fuel which makes it best for international traveling. (Good luck with getting a exact coleman gas canister in morocco) and cooking in two 0.75L coleman alu pots (one for breakfast/coffee and one for lunch/dinner)

There are for sure better ways how to deal with food, I would love to carry Jerky or Eggs but it's what it is right now and I hope you it will help you get the idea next time when you're shopping for your trail food!

Oh and let me know if you have any idea, question or whatever!

Have a good time eating outside where everything tastes better y'all! :)

The great outdoors

I love being outside so much. I just re-discover it in 2015

I feel like it's where I really belong, like that at the end of the day as a human being I'm just an animal.

Animal who loves the air and the mountains and the other animals.

I love the fire inside and I love to move till the muscles burn

And I love it when it's cold and it's raining and the backpack is fucking heavy and it all sucks balls and I still don't miss the town, the fear of paying rent, the malls and those fuckin escalators everywhere (probably to kill the fighting spirit inside)

I like to feel small against nature, which is what are these photographs about

Everybody always told me to "be real" and "be yourself" but what if I'm just one fucking amazing animal with really cool toys.

Animal that belongs outside.

I haven't slept indoors in last couple months and I realize that it may sounds like a crazy person talk a little bit (don't give a shit about that btw) but I'm not going to sleep in concrete cube anytime soon.

It really is nice outside, especially now in summer.

Have a great one y'all and do yourself a solid and go spend at least one night outside your comfy bed and under the stars, you may be surprised what you find.

Oh and check my new website , it's even less.. anything than before (and it fits on single iphone screen which was my goal)

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