Random Ramblings V: Flower Power

Hey guys, me again.

just wanted to pin here my new film. It's more of a simple exercise in cinematography but I kinda like it.

The motivation was that I wanted to overcome that voice inside telling me that "if you make living in photography you don't shoot flowers-that's for amateurs) so I shot some images of spring greenery and enjoyed the hell out of it.

I edited and graded it using the Luma Fushion app on my phone. on my goddamn phone. technology has come a long way in last couple years.

Okay, thanks for watching or whatever.

take care


Random ramblings IV: Creating stuff

I like witnessing people creating stuff.

I think that when creating stuff, it's like, in that moment, we are the best possible version of ourselves. the purest and the most beautiful. I think nature does that too, bringing out the best from us. and dogs. and kids. With those four things I think I was finally able to realise and articulate where I want to direct my creativity to. What I want to create images of.

Maybe it sounds stupid, but you know..I kinda was a "photographer" before I was actually a "person" (not that I'm really any of those things now) so I would say I'm still searching. Funny how when I tried to shoot pictures of pretty girls (aside from Carol, obviously) it was always a total disaster as I have all kinds of issues with broads (but I tried because that's what you do as a photographer, right?) At one moment, I thought that since I'm kinda outdoorsy I should maybe try to work with those rad athletes like skiers or climbers or whatever, but..yeah, no. I like to be outdoors to just be. No need to push it further, really. (quite the opposite actually, I think this year will be the year when I finally dive into meditation)

So I like to shoot pictures of Carol, kinda document what she (we) do. Maybe it doesn't sound like a lot and I will not go into history books as a great photographer, but heck, I'm a pasty bald redhead I honestly never thought that I would have a loving relationship with beautiful girl. (..or shoot photos that someone will want to buy)
She's been drawing and painting A LOT these past couple months. And world is slowly but surely starting to notice how good and hard working she is which brings me..umm, yeah, it's a great and precious thing to witness. Someone creating stuff. Here's her website, it's worth checking out.

I also shot two new films of Carol painting.

( I mean, I know they are not really a films, but I like to call them that. And I'm having fun doing all these obnoxious comments about "us, filmmakers" and "world of cinema"..but yeah, I'm totally in love with filmmaking craft. I even sold my first couple of stock footage clips, which was kinda milestone for me and made me happy for a few moments. Oh, and my film (:) Struggle already has over 200 views. Which I know is nothing, but it's around 200 more than I expected. So..maybe there's some hope after all. We'll see.

How are you? I hope you're all well and healthy. I really do.

take care


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