Alan Wellart

I'm in Sofia right now, 1100 kilometers away from me is my little brother in law. Name of this little gentleman is Alan Wellart.

Today is a special day for both of us. It's his 3rd birthday. He knows that I'm documenting his life with a camera since I'm around him, but what he probably don't know is the fact that doing it, is the most important thing for me to do. And something I do enjoy the most.

Because this little guy. Oh my god. I can't even tell you how much I love him.How much he means in my life. How many important things he taught me. To enjoy the simplest things in life. To be ultimately kind. Always curious. Playful. Creative.

I don't spend with him as much time as I want to through the years. 

I know one day I want to be stay at home dad. And that's probably not a cool thing to say when you are 21. But I was never a cool alpha male anyway, so fuck it.

I was talking with a lot of photographers recently and from what I've seen I'm starting to think that photography industry is filled with.. from lack of better words, with "business". Way too much for my taste. It looks like we are editing our precious portfolios only to please "the clients". For whom we are often times just "one of the many in the row". And I don't want to be to fucking too romantic about it, I have bills to pay as everyone else. Sure. But I want to stay human as much as possible while doing it. I want to stay me.

And although there's a big chance that nobody will be interested in not-at-all awesomely executed blackandwhite photos of some "random little boy", it's something important for me. That's why I want to have this little punk in my portfolio. Something I show to the outer world. To the clients.

Photographers, let's be less afraid to show we are humans. Let's show more of us. I was very lucky and met lot of you and you are amazing guys&gals with great, great personalities. Don't be afraid to project your great personalities into your portfolios. Trust me, you are more interesting&complex than "commercial"  "portraits" and "products"

You really are. Think about it :)

Oh, yeah. 3rd birthday.

I love you so much buddy. I hope we will never stop being such a good friends. And one day, twenty years from now, you will have your childhood pretty much covered. And you will probably be asking "why the heck are all of them black and white?"

..that "daylight" balanced light in your room really sucks and I still haven't found the way how to colour balance it properly. And it's more well, art:)

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