Blast from the past: My lighting diagrams

I pretty much spent first four years of my photographic life studying light, playing with it and trying to master different aspects of it’s creations- windows, strobes, speed lights, led panels and such. all done the most cheapo way in belief that this will help me to create a decent career in photography.

In 2014 I created these diagrams for some educating purposes and later publish them via server where they won my first prize in some contest (it was a sony RX100M3 which I immediately turned into some sweet $).

Couple days ago I got asked question about some of my lighting on twitter (blast from a past! I haven’t talked about light for years at this point) and noticed that server is down so I decided to take my diagrams from drawer and re-publish here on my blog, in (yet another) try to make it little less dead&crappy.

They go from simple reflector to multiple gelled strobes. Some personal some commercial stuff. Some Canon some Fuji. I’m not currently using artificial light in my photography (I mean, I haven’t modified any speedlite in quite a while, I’m of course still heavily in love with light itself) but I hope they still be useful for someone out there on the wide world of internet! Damn, seeing those photos brings back some memories to me. Hell, maybe I should've spent more time playing outside than sitting in books and studying light .

Take care all you strobists out there!


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