This was one of the moments when I realised I really love dogs.

And shooting a portraits of dogs is something I wanted to do for a very long time not just because I want to have a project like this in my portfolio, but more importantly, with projects like this, I really truly believe in an importance of single photographs. And since we live in a world where we upload 208 300 photos on facebook every minute (!), it's nice and crucial to remind ourselves that single photos really still matters in some way. Because, although this topic is a big taboo for every dog owner, they will not be here forever unlike the photographs.


And I really love dogs.

So I'm shooting these portraits for free, so far for few friends, but I already know that portraying dogs will be in my life for upcoming years.




(Derek from Ricky Gervais is a great show you shouldn't miss if the hashtag #kindnessismagic speaks to you)

I want to elevate this project little higher to actually do some good in world, so I would love to connect and work with some dog shelter or charity or something, so if there's anyone with idea or any organisation reading this, I would love to connect and work some kindness with you! :)

Kindness is magic. Derek is a great show.


And I really love dogs.

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