Flashing people with Fujifilm X100

For me, it all started three years ago, when I as an 18yr old youngster decided to dropout from a highschool and although afraid, made that leap of faith.

To become the guy who makes a living with his brain&camera who never actually works cause he loves what he's doing.

Yeah, that was a big moment for me.

GYMSHARK Men's Physique athlete Viktor Minar

The day in April 2013 when I sold some Canon gear and bought used Fujifilm X100 was another  big one.

Cause this camera, it isn't just mix of a technical features (which most of them are superb and some of them really sucks) it's a tool of interesting psychology, legacy and simple courage.

It's a real personification of that "make pictures, not excuses" statement.

But I haven't found an article about its usage with strobes and flashes for a commercial portraiture.

That sort of slap on the back with "hey man, you can do a real assignments with this cheap compact camera and you will be just fine" article, which we photographers do like so much..You know what I'm talking about, right?:)


Hey man, you can couple the X100 with cheap Vivitar 285 speedlites and and mighty-old Profoto Pro-81 strobes, get out and shoot commercial work and you will be just fine!

                                                       (At least I am)

(every picture really was shot on a Fujifilm X100)

Have some questions? Wanna hear the mindet and technical issues during the process of creating these pictures? Would love to help you, just give me a note! :)

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