So I turned 22 two weeks ago

And I finally got some time to sit and reflect on to what actually happened to my life in last 12 months.

And then I got deeper into what happened in my life in last 22 years.

I'm totally a overthinker.

Quick context about my childhood:

I was born in 1992 in town called Jeseník. Small city in Czech Republic, pretty close to polish borders and surrounded by mountains.

I'm the youngest of three brothers and I'm a ginger. This is me as a kid.

My parents got divorced when I was 7. My father is an alcoholic and I got bullied as I was a chubby ginger kid. I got pretty shy and introvertical at this point.

I was growing up with my single mom, she's a nurse by profession &heart. We were super poor financially, but super rich life-wise. We had each other and our dog, who passed away earlier this year. Still mourning about her...I love you mom.

I was really into military and everything outdoors since I was like 10 so I was always surrounded by older dudes. I hate to admit it, but I was less afraid then that I'm now.

I was probably not your typical 14years old boy. I had a fuckin huge machine gun. 

I got camera when I was 15. I remember, this was the first picture I shot and kinda liked it. (thanks for preserving this, Facebook!)

At that point, I liked photography and I like being outside. I wanted to shoot landscapes, mountains and animals. Somehow work with Arc'teryx.

But I had no idea that it can be done as a profession.

So I decided that being a military paramedic would be a nice crossover. I do care about people and I always did.

When I was 16 I changed school, moved to slightly bigger city and met this awesome fella. I'm honoured to call him BFF ever since and without him, my life would be dramaticaly different right now.

I guess it would be much easier :)

(portrait of 2010 Ondra lit with our first softbox which we hacked from cardboard. Oh boy, I still feel the excitement right now.

At 18, I was super depressed with my life. I was empty. Like emotionally empty. Brick in the wall. I decided to stood up against everything and everyone and change that shit. And leave that shit behind.

Since then I'm hustling my ass and trying to somehow figure out how to roll in this world.

Fast forward to August 2013.

August 2013 was a big deal. For the first time ever I left my country for other reason than family vacation. We hitchhiked to Istanbul. Fuckin' amazing adventure which changed everything. 

Prior to that moment I had my website in Czech language and I was not just writing in Czech language but more importantly, I was thiking in Czech language. 

I switched. And I'm on English last 14 months. (sounds like some drug addiction:) Not just on Facebook, but more importantly in my brain. It enabled me to create some amazing relationship I would otherwise never created. It's still not my first language so I always need to think not just about "what I want to say" but "how do I say that" but still, english is what connect this world together.

I wish someone told me this earlier.

Going underwater was a good idea. I Still need to finish my super artsy experimental underwater video. 

This thing was all over the globe. Oh man, that was exciting.

it won me my first award. I still remember how I'm sweating in the middle of desert wearing Tuxedo , because I thought it's a hillarious idea for acceptance speech

Going to Dubai for GPP was definitely the experience I'm glad for.

I'm proud on sending that email. It got me on a stage with my favourite artists. Asking for things I want. 

I wish someone told me this earlier.

Spending a month in a van with bunch of rock'n'roll friends was a great fun. Browsing through almost 30 thousand photos I shot during our month long roadtrip around Europe is less fun.

..I rember how I had to force myself to write these two articles for not that it's not one of the best site in photography industry right now, I'm just having all kinds of problems with my work attitude obviously. Funny thing was that they both went viral and one even won me a prize. Bringing value to people is the key. 

I wish someone told me this earlier.

I wish someone told me this earlier.

I wish someone told me to buy iPhone, tent and Fuji cameras earlier.

I wish someone told me that it's not (just about) photos anymore 

That it doesn't have to be about chasing perfection and clients.

That my life doesn't need to be just working for some advertising client shooting paper tissues that doesn't matter anyway.

I still struggle financially. I'm still broke as a church mouse. But I feel more rich now. I feel happier and more alive. I stopped chasing clients and money and started chasing moments instead.

I feel like when you're in your twenties and you don't have kids, experiences matters more than dollars.

That being said, if you'd buy some of my shits here or here, it would be nice and it would keep me goin'

This was the view from my yesterday's flight to Barcelona, still blown away by it while I'm sitting and writing this right now. In three weeks I'm flying to Morocco, cause I found ticket for 40$. Couldn't resist. In 2015 we are planning to go to Thailand with my girlfriend where we want to start a new project together. 

I'm grateful for everything that happened in my 21' and can't wait what will 22 bring.

All the best to all of you reading this! :)

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