Jumping Drums, creative gap and a leaf shutter

Have you ever heard term creative gap?

As a neewbie photographer I'm falling into the gap way more than I would like to.

I originally planned to execute this picture of drummer band called Jumping Drums in a totally different way which wast involving a huge fire and a some orange filtered proglobe on the ground motivating the fire-ish light.

Unfortunately, the production wasn't planned well enough to execute "my" big fire on a remote location and when the drummers come to setup I (honestly panicked a little bit and) didn't pull off anything better than a up high 4ft octabox with a vivitar 285 flash filtered with a 1/4 CTO gel to better match the flash colour against fading sun .

Single old speedlite on 1/2 of power in a octabox to light a group of 3 big guys?

The leaf shutter and the ability to sync at 1/800sec with elinchrom skyports triggers is one of the many beauties of the X100.

And just today, Fujifilm announced the new 35mm teleconverter for the X100 which means I will probably never need any other camera.

But camera is just a tool anyway, shooting alot and closing the gap matters.

let's get them closed! :)

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