Random Rambings XII: The Office

Hi guys, how are ya?

Pinning here new short I shot recently called "The office" :

It's about this guy's night commute to work and I think it's quite bizarre and depressive, exactly as I view this corporate office life, one of the biggest fear of mine actually, to end up in the machine.

I shot it pretty much the same way/under same circumstances and using the same tools as in previous The Room, so not really sure I have anything to add to that right now. Oh yes, first time I used/tried to mix sounds here, it's not particularly good job, but "it's something", as they say.

But no, you can't tell, but I'm really excited and happy about this, I need to make a ton more work, but I'll get there. oh filmmaking, this will be a beautiful friendship.

Take care and don't let them get you!

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