Random Ramblings XI: The Room

hey guys, me again. how are you?

As usual, I wanted to pin here a new little short film I shot recently. It's called "The Room" and it's a collaboration with a long time pal of mine who is a much better and more experience filmmaker than I am (he had a movie in a actual real theatre- how cool is that?)

It's about this guy locked in a room. And maybe the room is a relationship and maybe we are the guy, who the heck knows. see for yourself: 

The process of creation was one of my favourites in a long time, we didn't really had a plan of that much of a vision: we spent the night before roaming the streets; talking. About life, films, relationships with women (kinda a hot topic right now) and anything/everything in between and then, in the morning we just decided: hey, let's shoot something. Let's not talk anymore about cameras and visions and let's actually create something during the afternoon.
Now, I've done quite a few photoshoots back in the day, but they never felt quite like directing people for film.
This was different, it was way more..umm, immersive, that's the word. Like a real story that you let unfold in front of you. Almost like a therapy in a sense (as we agreed with more people I've shot with since.

So maybe, I found a new thing with these little films, which I'm actually kinda excited about. And although this may sound stupid and pretentious, but I kinda feel the artist inside waking up. We'll see.

As for the technical side: I shot it with my GH3 using mostly carl zeiss flektogon 20/2.8 and Fuji 50 1.4 on a speedbooster, one yongnuo 300LED light and a headlamp. Editing and color grading was done on my ipad mini in the Luma Fusion app, which and I don't want to repeat myself is really amazing.

There are more pieces like this in a pipeline and I think they'll be quite good. Also weird a little bit.

And, If you feel like we should create something together, let's do it!

Okay, thanks for stopping by and watching my new piece.

Take care!


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