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Food photography with Fujifilm X100s

Disclosure: I'm not a food photographer at all. Actually, I kinda suck when I try taking pictures of my own food, but it was this  summer and I knew I would need extra cash for my amazing trip to GPP London so when I got a call to shoot some dishes for a local caffe/pizza/pasta restaurant I've said "yeah, sure- I can make that happen!"

Again, zero experience with paid food photography and Fujifilm X100s as my only workhorse camera.

When I was doing my research, I haven't found any real life test of a X100 or a 23(35)mm lens for a food photography, which is now my main motivation why I'm writing this post. Write a blog you wanna read, right?

Since the restaurant cooks mainly in italian style, I knew I want honest, rustic&homemade feel to the pictures so for lighting I've used one old Profoto PRO-81 head with a 4ft octa from behind (I've read that that's the easiest way to make food look shiny&moist) with a white foamboard reflector as a front-fill and a raw wood planks as a background. (The restaurant doesn't have any good backgrounds or window light so that's why I went this way)

As for the actual shoot, I've made a mistake of not setting the conditions clear enough, so I've ended up shooting a way too many dishes (around 40different meals) for 12 straight hours wtihout enough time to actually style the different food-shots.
My mistake- I'm still learning about educating the clients, who sometimes have unrealistic expectation about a quantity/quality ratio of photos.

But the X100s? Oh My God. It has absolutely rock the whole photoshoot. The workflow with compact camera with an lifeview is SO MUCH more comfortable than with a clumsy DSLR. The 23mm lens worked awesomely well for me, especially because of the ability to focus from 10cm. And don't let me start about the image quality. Love the camera so much.

Do you have any similar experience with shooting a food photography with a compact camera? Or with a clients that  are educated poorly about how good pictures are made? (-IMHO, it's ours,photographers fault)

I would love to hear your story! :)