I'm living a good simple live as a fulltime nomad sharing tent&troubles with my artsy wifey. I have chose adventure and freedom over comfort and safety.

I don't really recycle but most of the time I filter my own drinking water and I'm solar charging my tools while carrying all my belongings in a single backpack.

I chase adventures and happiness, whatever shape and form they have.

Based on my own experiences I can help you make your life more simple and more adventurous or better: you can actually join me on my travels.

If you have a product, I can put it through beating and test it during my life on the road (I love using great tools)

If you're organising  amazing event I can speak for you about things I care ( and I'm sorry in advance for occasional F bombs)

say hello on this email address

or we can hangout on Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat (paulschlemmer) and newly on BeMe (paul)