okay, I'm having a hard time to put something meaningfull on this homepage so I'll be just honest for couple of minutes. email is on the end of it and collection of my favourite photos is here.

..well, I guess I never really felt like fitting anywhere. when I was young I wanted to be either artist (my uncle is a painter and I remember I liked that he can sleep as long as he want) or Batman...and when I think about it, at the very core, nothing really changed since then.

I'm still atracted to the freedom and creativity of being an artist and to the courage, strength and the fact that with enough willpower- anyone can become a Batman.

I left highschool when I was 18-I simply don't believe that formal education in school is the way to go- don't get me wrong: I love just being curious and learning things. that's probably why I'm not really fit to sit in school.

Okay. so I left with this ambitious dream of becoming a photographer and for a few years I was working basically as a monkey with a trigger finger. quite hungry and hustling monkey with a tringer finger. I've learned ins and outs about the language of light and I'm still fascinated and in love with just "the light" and you know, I've had hustle my way up to the point when I got to be actually paid for talking about my photography.

It was a last year when I got invited to speak (as I think probably youngest dude ever)at photokina which is the biggest event in photography industry in the world and you know,the fee was really nice and I got to meet some absolute legend photographers and someone actually paid for the luxury hotel and everything- I never had experienced treating like that before- I've spent good chunk of my life by being told that I'm wrong and all of a sudden- what if I'm not all that wrong?

But you know, when I was there it was of course amazing and I'm tremendously grateful for that experience and I've spent quite a few years working to get to the point and when I got there and I sortof felt like "okay, I got what I always thought I wanted. but it doesn't feel, how do I say it- it doesn't feel really right. This is still not it. This is not my voice."

I need to push harder and deeper.

So I said to myself "fuck everything and let's start from a scratch"

And I bought a tent and started to make everythi in my life "portable"

you know, like the idea of home- what if home does not have to be a four walls and a rooftop- what if it's a place where..where you feel okay with who you are? Why to be working hard and then simply blow money away for the rent and all that shit?

By this point, I'm already earning some money by selling my photographs. it's not a lot of money, it's in fact quite little money, but it's money earned by creating something new and that matters.

So right now, as we speak, I'm basically living off the grid and adventuring with my lovely girl and we spent all of our time outside chasing life and experiences- right now, we're camping in mountains on canary islands and you know- no rush- we have a tent, solar panels and everything else what we need in our backpacks. the rucksack revolution

There's nobody around, nobody lives like this.

we've build our own simple dirtbag expedition artists ecosystem..and it's like a next step and I'm..I'm fucking proud on this one. I feel like world is so full of malls and shit and this may be another small fight against sheepisly following rules of society. And I feel like we need those little fights or at least I really respect and love to follow all the misfits and artists and dreamers and all those brave humans.

I don't really know where I do fit but I'm trying to find my way as a part photographer and artist, part outdoor expedition adventurer, part rebel for sure and part well.. wannabe Batman.

Okay, so what I can do for you (I think):

you can obviously license some of my photographs here (you can use code PAUL_S20 and get 20% discount) or I can create something new just for you-I'm no longer just a monkey with a finger, but if you like and respect my vision I'm sure we can work something out.

You can follow me on instagram. I love instagram. I'm not internet famous or anything but I do my best to shoot nice images and sharpen my storytelling skills.

I'm spending most of my time outside- hiking, exploring, shooting and tackling the mountains. I consider myself a explorer beginner but I work hard to get more experiences under my belt and outdoor gear is a big part of this process. So far I have been buying everything I own, but I like the idea of testing the hell out of your outdoor products and doing some real reviews of it. I've done few really succesfull camera reviews in the past and I know i have helped someone to make some more money.

And I've done quite a few speaking gigs and photography workshops and I think they went quite well and I would love to do some more in the future- I feel like I have and want something to say plus it's always fun to drop and f-bombs on stage so why not.

..or just shoot me mail with whatever and we'll see what happens: here's the promised adress: info@pavels.cz :)

Take care and stay wild!